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Database Marketing: Better Data for Better Marketing

The way companies now market their offerings and themselves has been really shifted. It has moved from traditional marketing to more towards targeted integrated marketing. Technology has now introduced us with the real-time business intelligence tools, which actually has one-to-one marketing a reality. It not only helps increase the prospect engagement but also accelerate the sales. In a survey conducted…

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How to Get More People to Read Your Emails?

Let’s face it! Emails actually don’t go anywhere. To share a fun fact: 91% of the consumers check their emails on their phones. And yes..daily! Even if we assume that these numbers are doing it for you. We still have a better one that 89% of the marketers say that email marketing is one of the major sources to help…

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Take Your Selling To The Next Level With – A How to Guide

Want to become a prospecting superstar? is a fantastic resource. It simplifies the process of finding, contacting, and staying up-to-date with prospects and customers. Rather than manually tracking the prospects and spending hours on the platform, you can get instant insights, which means more time for high-value activities like giving demos and building relationships. Whether you’re new to…

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Sales Stats to Change your Prospecting Approach in 2018

There are several facts we thought you must know about prospecting. Most prospects/buyers don’t want to hear about the product, are resistant to sellers’ contact attempts, and getting their ear requires extreme persistence. So, here’s the list of mind-boggling and useful sales stats that offers insights into why most of the sales calls don’t lead anywhere and how buyers make…

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