2019 Email Marketing Trends

Believe us or not, email marketing is the oldest marketing communication that has a permanent space in the digital marketing room. With unique content and illustrative design, you can entice your leads to open, read and click to give you tangible statistics and thereby improving your business. It is the arena of few creative enthusiasts that re-define the physical business model into virtual info graphics to promote the brand, create product awareness and act as a reminder to your future clientele. With small budget, the reach of email marketing is comparatively very high that drive audience and thereby revenue.

If we go by the report of Radicati’s 2016 Email Statistics report, by 2020 there will be 3 billion people using email as the valuable and cost-effective marketing tool.  Though there are number of channels to promote your brand but for every $1 you spend on email marketing, there is an expected return of at least $38. In case you aim to increase the number of new customers, or strengthen the relationship with existing customers, email marketing is the right platform that will give you the required tools.

But what is the mystery behind successful marketing campaigns that actually cater to one-third ROI of organization’s marketing efforts. Here we are sharing three contemporary methods to increase email marketing’s reach for your brand.

1. Create the Magic of Personalization

Gone are the days when business emails were glued with the heavy jargons of business language. With the rapid evolution of social media platforms, customers are more willing to speak to humans rather than receiving the automated replies. You must have heard about the significance of including personalization touch in your cold calls and emails. But it does not mean that you start conversing with your prospects on personal topics like food, hobbies, dislikes and all. With personalized email marketing, we believe that you must customer data to draft a personalized email. As part of your email strategy, plan out to reach millions of customers with their first name like “Dear John” so that you can get 2.6% higher open rates than average statistics . However as per the study of Experian, the usage of personalized emails delivers 29% higher unique open rates & 41% higher unique click rates.

2. Mobile Responsive Emails

From 2011 to 2013, email opens on mobile phones devices increased by 30%. From last couple of years, the usage of smartphones has been doubled for business or personal front. But do you know that most of the brands are not focusing on the urgency of creating mobile friendly emails as well because 7 in 10 of your target audience see emails on mobile and one-third of those mailers are not optimized for mobile usage. Just implementing the mobile responsive email strategy is not enough to regain your lost customers; you need to plan out your smallest of action very attentively. Since mobile screens are way to too small than the bigger screen size of desktops, so you are suggested to keep your subject line short-n-precise and the call-to-action button bold and easy to click.

3. CTA via Storytelling

A study suggests that sending one email per week instead of per month would significantly increase the feasibility of clicking at least one email. However, the over doze of any email campaign would result in the hike of unsubscribe list so it is recommended to stick to the email strategy of sending four emails every month. Additionally, you can maintain the readers’ interest by incorporating the age-old method of storytelling to pair it with your CTAs. Through such intuitive strategy, you can start engaging your customers through the blog and then taking ahead to the purchase link so that it would not look as the direct selling strategy.