4 Effective New Year Resolutions for B2B Sales & Marketing


It’s that time of the year again when the plan to revise & re-implement New Year resolutions hoard our minds. Some choose the road to being healthy, while some vow to spend more family time. Whatever your personal resolution may be, the business strategies should always be mapped & revised with the changing trends in technology, marketing & sales segments.

Get a quick glance of proposed New Year resolutions for 2019 that would assist any B2B organization to adhere with the revising trends and never miss any opportunity in refreshing either the social media strategies or sales planning.

Resolutions for B2B Sales & Marketing

1) Prioritize the implementation of CRM in your organization – When you decide to implement CRM module at your B2B organization, you have the central access of information related to customers at one single place and retrievable from any point and by all stakeholders. Companies that are CRM enabled see up to 41% revenue increase per sales person, that is 2x that of companies without CRM support.

  • Over 300% lead conversion rate improvement
  • 27% customer retention improvement
  • 23% decreased sales & marketing cost

2) Need of Digital Marketing for Tech Savvy Customer – The transition from offline to online marketing is the growing trend that has been stringently followed by B2C marketplace and the same is taking place in the B2B space as well. It is a means to grow your business, targeting the right audience, and creating customer engagement & brand awareness effectively.

  • As compared to phone & email support, 68% of companies believe that their social media customer service show greater job satisfaction rates.
  • 15% increase in customer churn where companies that do not respond to social media messages.
  • 53% consumers have used social media for customer service.

3) Growing demand of Actionable Data & data specialist – The need of data-driven culture is increasingly gaining high demand in the business development sector for upsell, converting leads & closing deals. As a result, business users are realizing the benefits of using an accurate business intelligence/tool to drive promising revenue in the process.

  • According to the 2017 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, LinkedIn pointed that since 2012 there is a rise of 65% in data scientist roles.
  • As per the Forbes report, 63% in the finance sector are relying on data and analytics to find opportunities to fund business growth; whereas more than 60% of database users are benefited for long-term strategic planning.

4) Create a customer centric approach – When we count the prime examples of companies that are devoted with customer centric mindset, both Amazon and Zappos take the lead as they prioritize customer’s needs and timely developed client engagement programs in accordance to that. However there is an increase in customer lifetime value for companies that put customer’s needs as their topmost priority and thereby witnessed the reduction in customer churn.

  • With reference to the research of Deloitte and Touche, “customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to companies that were not focused on the customer.”
  • It is noticed that brands that are committed to customer centricity keep on exploring ways to nurture relationships through strategic planning that will enhance the product and service experience of customer.

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