5 Best Lead Generation Methods for Small & Medium sized Businesses


Businesses that want to generate leads need to adapt effective inbound marketing strategies to generate more qualified leads and clients. In the world of free Internet, consumers are researching and making efforts to find you and reach to your website on their own. However, once they found you, it is your responsibility to take this lead into another level of profitable relationship. Here we are sharing a quick overview of best lead generation strategies that will assist your business to grow.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the foremost B2B online marketing strategies that significantly assist in lead generation. Around 60% of B2B marketers believe that it is the most effective way to connect with potential customers and generating revenue. Allowing oneself into the midst of technological innovation, one should not miss the biggest trend of “marketing automation” that is driving relatively greater results in many B2B businesses. It is the tactic tool that connects with your CRM to shoot thousands of hybrid emails to your prospects, in a single shot. When Thomson Reuters adopted marketing automation, there was 23% surge in leads, decreased lead conversion time by 73% and a drastic 175$ raise in revenue . Most importantly, when it comes to sell more and search less, it is evident to get the accurate database to get the maximum ROI and none other than Dataguru can serve you 100% verified prospects’ details for your respective business genre.

Social Media Marketing

The transition from offline to online marketing is the growing trend that has been stringently followed by B2C marketplace, and the same is taking place in the B2B space as well. The output of online ads & brand promotion across Google, Facebook, Twitter & other social media powerhouses have served the best purpose in targeting the right audience, customer engagement & brand awareness.  However, without spending an arm and a leg on hiring another dedicated sales team, the onset of conversational selling platform like Facebook messenger. LinkedIn & WhatsApp help to attract more visitors to your website. With the dedicated marketing strategy, your promotions will automatically turn into leads and with timely product support from the dedicated sales professionals they will soon convert into profitable relations as well.


For any business representative, the phrase “cold calling” conveys chills down the spine as it is considered a boring and difficult task to adhere. However, outbound telemarketing facilitates to connect with your target audience for better business campaigns and is an effective marketing strategy to reach out to your prospects. With handy to use conversational script, you can communicate extensively about your product, its USP and why it is ahead in the competition. Other than emails, you get a direct feedback from your customers/prospects that assist you to judge their decision, understand their requirement and gradually help them to resolve their pain points by building a relationship with them. If you hire telemarketers to connect with prospects, your salespeople can concentrate more on selling & closing and thereby producing more revenue for the company.

Content Marketing

Are you struggling to drive leads for your business? If yes, you are reading the vital information on B2B content marketing that will assist you to generate leads through blogging, e-books, social media and infographics. In today’s marketplace, mostly 80% of B2B marketers rely on content marketing to get an impactful customer engagement. In order to engage customers to your content, you should impart knowledge, inspiration and a reason to share your content.  With subtle use of keywords in the content, leads are directly coming in to the website and sales team are getting free inbound leads without any effort from their end. Through the use of content marketing, you are sharing valuable information about your product and services to a large number of chunks, even before asking them to buy anything. Therefore, it is a responsibility of B2B marketers to create relevant content and bring in new leads and qualified prospects.

Events & Exhibitions

If you are not attending events and exhibitions as part of your lead generation strategy, you are lagging behind in your brand awareness policy and missing out an opportunity to accelerate your sales cycle. Since the Internet has the robust connectivity to reach out to thousands of connections but it is still far behind the concept of face-to-face interaction for better product understanding. Event marketing plays a huge role in educating attendees about the advantages and consequences of your product/services. If you plan to attend any B2B event for making networks, make sure you carry plenty of your visiting cards and meet as many people as your vision can surpass. Make the most use of technology by connecting your attendees via LinkedIn or asking them to fill a form on a tablet. Such simple measures would also assist you in lead generation efforts and easily connect with your prospects on the spot.

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