Accurate Business Information is the Key to Successful Sales Prospecting


Having accurate business information providers further ease the prospecting experience for sales and marketing professionals. Such database providers also offer holistic information of companies in any industry. In addition, they provide verified details for all data points. Continually augmenting services, Industry based search is giving complete details needed to prospect. The industry search takes you through sector specific companies which can be further customized through various other parameters.

Accurate Business Information

Credibility is vital to sustaining and nurturing client relationships and finally profitability. For Business Information Providers, reiterating their credibility is all the more important. Their services would matter only if their information is impeccable and accurate. Investing in the procurement of the data later converted to information and intelligence is an expensive, meticulous and time taking task. When providing information across all the industry verticals, quality is essential. The reliable business process with mandatory quality checks is a lynchpin of accurate information. It is after all accurate information that is the key to sales prospecting.

The success of the Business Information providers underlines the market shift from Directories & Data/Excel sheet dumps to structured Business Information system. They have combined the strengths of Information Technology and pre-processed information to provide instant access to Accurate, Comprehensive and Actionable information. The professional approach of these business providers to make available business information has consolidated a relatively fragmented industry dominated by yellow pages & data CDs. Few offer various low-cost, high -return modules like Sales Triggers, Lead Generation, Campaign Management, Data Management and lots more. These Business Information Providers have bridged the gap in the Indian Business Information market which was devoid of any reliable and comprehensive source. Offering online subscription enables their clients to log in any time any place & get access to updated B2B information. The introduction of online real-time information updates has been well received by the New-age marketers who are ready and willing to adopt new age approaches to reach out to the maximum no. of prospects in the shortest possible time, with the right approach.

Having business information from the reliable database provider like Dataguru, it allows you to:

  • Increase your sales by planning effective email campaigns and hitting the inbox of key decision makers on their official email addresses.
  • Instead of utilizing the stagnant database, we ensure 90 days refresh cycle of our comprehensive data to match real-time business insights as accurate as possible.
  • Turn any cold conversion into profitable business relationship by reaching out through verified contact details of decision makers.
  • Keep your prospects and clients informed about any menial or major changes/features in your services via call or email.
  • Sales is the bread and butter of every organization and database is the backbone of sales. Hence it is the responsibility of database provider to provide quality database that will assist companies to grow and manage end-to-end sales pipeline so that you can focus on larger business strategies.

Database providers have revolutionized the business model by providing exclusive details with various search features like the ‘Industry Search’ and ‘Executive Search’ and ‘Advanced Search’ tools to let them fetch prospects from a larger target audience. Advanced Search is an option when companies maybe sure of the Industry but don’t know the company name. Executive Search is an option if you are aware of the company but need to focus on the type of executive. Industry Search is an option when you need to focus on the firms in a particular industry only.

More and more firms/companies are relying on them because of increased competition and fast changing market standards. Chiefly, the companies looking for such information are those that rely on B2B Sales for growth. Sales and marketing professionals need quality business information to meet the increasing pressure for greater ROI. Quality business information serves as a support system for all sales and marketing activities. The need of direct contact details is necessary for any B2B campaign like Direct Mailer, Email Bursts or Tele-calling.

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