Advantages of Allowing Employees to Work from Home


The advantages of working from home are very clear for employees like avoiding the daily hustle-bustle of commuting and flexibility in working hours. However, the advantages for employers are not so obvious and clear. It has been also predicted that by 2030, 30-35% percent of the workforce will either be freelance, outsourced or remote workers who will be working from home. So now the question is how you being an employer can get benefit from this approach that gives your employees the liberty to work from home? Let us dig into a few advantages of allowing employees to work from home.

Allowing Employees to Work from Home

A decrease in Employees’ Absenteeism: One of the major advantages that any employer can reap out of giving work from home to employees is a remarkable decrease in absenteeism. As you know the daily hustle-bustle of commuting brings a lot of stress to employees and also consumes a lot of their time. It directly impacts the health of your employees that eventually results in low productivity at work and also causes absenteeism. But on the other sides, when employees work from home they can easily avoid all such issues and can focus more on their work.

Employee Retention: One of the biggest challenges that most of the small business employers face is losing the employees. It is not an easy task for small business employers to compete with large enterprises in terms of giving high salaries and benefits. In such situations for any small business employer giving work from home to employees can be advantageous as they are giving their employees liberty of flexibility in working hours which they crave. This approach enhances employee retention and employees also get benefits to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Enhanced Talent Acquisition: The process of talent acquisition gets better and easy for organizations that tend to provide work from home to their employees. The generation today when looking for a job also wishes to have workplace flexibility. Numerous studies have shown that it is something that they want and expect. Hence the approach of providing work from home to employees entices young talent to join the organization. It also benefits employers as they can hire workforce outside of normal commuting distance.

Lower Costs: Undoubtedly buying office spaces are expensive these days. Even if you rent office space then it almost costs you an arm and a leg. In such a scenario especially for small businesses and start-ups, it is a wise step to allow their employees to work from home as it reduces the amount of office space they need.

Allowing employees to work from home and embracing this approach does not mean you shut down the office completely. However, providing work from home to employees with the right planning and preparation is one of the most effective solutions that can save you money and eventually bring you the desired return on that investment you made. It also provides you with more engaged, productive and happy employees.