Dos & Don’ts of Emails to follow during the Pandemic


Marketing during the pandemic has become a herculean task for brands. Despite economic fallout and the global health crisis businesses need to communicate clearly and honestly with their customers now more than ever. With a huge number of employees working from home, and so many businesses having dispersed workforces, email has never been so important. However, it is important to know what are the dos & don’ts of emails to follow during the pandemic.

Here we are with a few measures to follow while creating and sending emails to your customers during a pandemic situation.


Don’t send emails just to express solidarity

Obviously yes we all are sailing on the same boat but using the global crisis like any pandemic as an opportunity to build rapport is not advisable. You must apply more of a realistic approach in your emails rather than just simply sending emails to express solidarity. Because once the crisis is over you will be remembered as a fake friend, not the one who genuinely concerned.

Don’t send emails like “we hope you’re fine in this crisis”

Refrain yourself from creating and sending emails that begin with asking recipient health and ends with your agenda of selling or marketing any product or service. This approach is always offensive and during the time of pandemic situations, the faux concern seems beyond insensitive.

Don’t send sales-oriented emails

Another measure to keep in mind during a pandemic is not sending sales-oriented emails entailing sales-specific words like free, guaranteed or highest-quality. Stop luring the consumers as these tactics are obsolete, consumers are way smarter now and know what’s good for them and what’s not.

Don’t send emails asking for payment even if it’s late

No doubt to run a business you need a good cash flow and during a pandemic, you must be worried about your business cash flow.  But during such times you need to be a bit patient and wait for the right time to ask for a payment. On a humanitarian basis give your customers some time and don’t send emails asking for payment even if it’s late.


Send emails with the subject line “How can I help?”

During a situation like a global crisis, your chances become your customers. You should leave no chance in offering help to your customers especially the times when your competitors are struggling to figure out how to function under pandemic circumstances. If you think you can offer help to your customers through your business then send emails to them with a subject line offering help.

Send emails like “What I can and can’t do right now.”

Yes, it might be difficult for you to run a business as usual during a pandemic situation. But if your clients rely on your products or services and you fail to fully provide them those products or services, then it is highly advisable you clearly explain your customers regarding what you can provide and what you cannot.

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