Effective Tips to Send Bulk Emails


Bulk emailing can be highly effective if it is done right and can return a significant Return on Investment to your business. Most of the time businesses use it for informing about the product release, seasonal sales, customers update, and so on. Bulk emailing is one of the oldest practices of internet marketing which refers to sending bulk emails to a large group of contacts. When sending bulk emails, it’s important to capture enough relevant data about your email recipients because it helps in sending personalized bulk emails. However, if you send bulk emails with no information of contacts handy, the chances of your emails to go into the spam folder of recipients become higher. So, to overcome such challenges here we are with a few tips to send bulk emails effectively without having a risk of coming across as a spammer.

Analyze Your Contact List: While sending bulk emails to your contacts it is extremely important to check that they have opted-in and subscribed to your emails. You must monitor your list in terms of who all are the new subscribers and who all are new un-subscribers in order to create a new bulk email list and then sending emails to the one who subscribed for your emails.

Filter Your Contact List: List: Before you start sending bulk emails you must filter your contact list. It is important to weed out inactive contacts and invalid email addresses from your email contact list in order to decrease the bounce rate and protect your sender domain’s reputation and email engagement. If you fail to do so then it will only invite an increase in bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and spam markings.

Prioritize Your Contacts: You must prioritize your contacts when sending bulk emails. The recipient who never misses your emails and opens them should be prioritized because this shows that these recipients have not marked your emails as spam and they are offering their inbox to your future emails. Once you prioritize these contacts then onwards you can schedule the delivery of bulk emails either at a regular interval or on a daily basis to avoid email throttling.

Keep It Private: Keeping the privacy of the recipient should be your top priority while sending bulk emails and in an environment of GDPR, it matters a lot. Forgetting to BCC can turn out to be a huge and expensive mistake for any business and its reputation; it can also be considered as breaching of GDPR laws. While setting up the bulk email campaign the last thing that you must do is to enter your contacts to avoid any blunders.

Personalization Is A Key To Success: Another aspect that should be considered while drafting bulk emails is to craft content that directly connects with the recipient and his/her pain points or interests. The language you use in your bulk emails decides whether the recipient will or will not ark your emails as spam.

Prevent Email Rejection: Lat but not the least in order to prevent email rejection you must use a sender domain that owns a good reputation. Use Google Postmaster that is one of the effective tools that helps in tracking your domain reputation and effective in identifying common delivery issues. Besides this, also keep an option to “unsubscribe email” in every email you send. This approach results in reducing spam markings and keeps your domain reputation intact.

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