Latest Email Copywriting Techniques that Drive Conversions


Regardless of your industry or business size, email marketing still dominates the outbound marketing efforts and connects with clients/prospects better. With personalized content and impact analysis in your marketing automation tool, leads cannot go far from the sign-up page and would love to explore the pricing and demo options, available with you. Now the question arises, which one factor can let you fetch maximum leads and open rates? The answer is an email copy. With regards to email copywriting, there is a couple of emails copywriting techniques you can use in the headline and in the email body to fundamentally expanding your open and click-through rates.

Fortunately, we will be touching five fundamental methods you can use in the messages that can give you a lot of viable content writing suggestions related to creating nice landing pages that drive conversions. Studies show that “businesses reported 50% more sales from their email marketing campaigns” as compared to any other marketing channel. It should be obvious, email marketing is still exceptionally powerful however it is getting progressively aggressive. For you to stick out and get a client’s consideration, you have to get your headline right.

1 – Create Captivating Subject Lines

Add the human touch by addressing the recipient with his/her name. It not only makes the mailer exciting but catches the user’s attention and will make the email more relevant to the reader.  Abstain from utilizing spam words like “Promotion,” “Free”, “Urgent” as email providers like Gmail is likely to send such emails directly to the spam folder.

Subject lines that are short, wacky and professional are proven to get the highest click & open rates and give the client a decent feeling of what they ought to expect when they open the email. When the client opens your email, he/she should have the feel-good factor with your personalized content that would compel them to make a purchase with you.

2 – Too Lengthy? Not an issue!

To create a killer email, you should not worry about the length of the email. If your content is powerful and engaging, you can convey your messaging in 300 words, as compared to the 800 words of your competitor. Build a storyboard that connects with the reader. Start with everyday instances and include your services/products on the basis of today’s requirements. The messaging should be interactive; else the recipient will lose interest in your email objective.

At times, a prospect is in search of more information and encouragement to take your desired action. Motivate prospects with a strong storyboard to click on the CTA and brief the benefits that would drive more and more conversion.

3- Discuss solutions, not problems

Let’s quote the B2B sales expert, Michael Dermer with reference to his experience, “Every sales conversion should take place from the customer’s perspective rather than from your perspective”. Believe it or not, no one has the time to listen to your achievements and grieves.  However, the email language is crucial to gain a high conversion rate and thereby, should connect with the reader in response to the business affair and world events.

Your email marketing should be focused on the sole objective of showcasing the features of your product/solution that would enable customers to achieve their goal. In this way, you can touch the pain point of businesses and more about how users can be successful in their respective fields. When it comes to draft the email body, be specific with short paragraphs and to-the-point content.

4 –Your Email Copy & Landing Page Content Should be aligned

To increase conversions, it is crucial to maintain consistent messaging on your email and landing pages. The reader should not be confused with the different copy in the email and landing page.

For instance, an email announcing any discount on the pricing should resonate with the same messaging on your landing page. The reader should not be felt misguided if the landing page misses similar content/offering. Similarly, the design and colors on your email should reflect your brand. When the user clicks on the landing page, he should quickly identify your brand with its color usage and design.

5- Unlock the secrets of adding CTA

Target your audience and keep their attention focused on the benefits of your product/service. Don’t confuse prospects with two or more CTAs – you may change the messaging but every CTA should be getting you the same landing page. It is recommended to use the secondary CTA as the hyperlink of any sentence that would take you to the blog page or any website content. This practice will give a boost to your SEO and content visibility. Don’t follow the crowd that says, “Start Now” or “Download Today”. However, play with the prospector’s mindset and convey a messaging that would compel them to click, “Increase Revenue by 50%.” Once you overcome the purchase hesitations with engaging messaging, push the final blow at the end of the email by placing your CTA towards the end of the email.


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