Tips to Make the Year 2020 the Best Email Marketing Year


Email Marketing can create wonders if you do it right. Not only can it be a great source of targeted traffic, but it can also drive sales too. It is still one of the most served purposes for prospects in the B2B industry. Irrespective of the size of the business, large, medium or small, it always works. However, email marketing is misunderstood by most. It is not simply selling products and services via email; it is much more, particularly if you want to be successful.

Email marketing success

The email marketing strategy is considered to be the best if it fits into your overall business strategy. In the absence of a business strategy using email for marketing is like using a GPS without a destination. To make your email strategy planning easy, here we are with a few tips to make the year 2020 the best email marketing year:

Make it Responsive: In order to increase the open rate of your emails, you must keep in mind to create highly responsive in nature emails. By responsive in nature it means that your emails should be easily accessible on all kinds of devices right from i-pad, to mobiles and tabs. The format and alignment of your emails should be compatible with all sorts of devices. You can use certain readymade email templates that are customizable and at the same time responsive in nature to solve such issues.

Keep it short and simple: Another email marketing tip that can create a difference in terms of email open and click rate is crafting an email that says a lot with very little effort. Millennials today don’t have so much time to go through lengthy emails or flashy emails with loads of images and colors. They prefer something that can be easily accessed and provides information in a few seconds of reading. So, apply this approach of using precise content with minimal usage of images and colors in your emails.

Personalization is the key to success: Applying this approach can create wonders when it comes to email marketing. As per one random study, personalized emails generate a 14% increase in CTR (Click through Rate) and a 12% increase in conversion. Besides this, personalized subject lines generate a 20% higher open rate. So, interact with your readers through your emails in a manner you talking to any of your old friends or a close associate. Address your email recipients by their names and cater content to them as per their needs.

Make it interactive: Another aspect of email marketing is to create content that compels the reader to take some action. It is essential to create an email that promotes two-way communication. This can be easily done by providing CTAs (Call to action) buttons in your emails like “Know more” or “Get access”. Besides CTAs use can also place sign-up forms in your emails to extend your connection with the email recipient.

Create a Word of Mouth: Word-of-mouth is the most effective means to advertise your brand. To apply this email marketing approach you must create an email that not only conveys your products and services information but also touch the pain points and needs of the email recipient. This approach generates interest among readers and encourages them to speak about your brand to their friends and relatives too.

Enhance Engagement: One more email marketing tip that can be useful to you is to ask for readers’ feedback that ultimately enhances the engagement quotient of your emails. Encourage your readers to respond to your emails by giving a feedback form in your emails. Make your readers feel important by asking their valuable suggestions on your products and services.

Automate your email process: Last but not least is email automation. Automating your emails helps you in saving a lot of time and effort that you put in email marketing. By automating the email process you set auto-responders and follow-up reminders to emails that remind you to be in constant touch with your email recipients.

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