How to Enhance Employee Engagement during Pandemic


We all are aware of the lethal impacts of COVID-19 that has not only changed our lifestyle but the way businesses run and interact with their employees. A huge dip in employee engagement is experienced by all businesses and during such times it becomes more crucial to keep the forefront in order to run a business successfully. In order to ensure employees are staying healthy and engaged business leaders should lean into their teams and demonstrate a new level of empathy and understanding. This is only possible if you provide clear, confident, and consistent communication and support to your employees. Here are a few effective tips to help you understand how to enhance employee engagement during a pandemic.

Employee Engagement

Don’t Panic: During such economic uncertainties, it’s quite obvious you are facing multiple challenges and issues in driving the sales and marketing of your business. However, during such unprecedented times, not only you but everybody else as well facing the same sorts of challenges, here you need to work with your employees and find a solution together for leveraging employee engagement within the organization. You should position your company as a safe place and a trusted resource for your employees rather than one of anxiety and uncertainty.

Acknowledge and empathize: Empathy is a key to success in boosting employee engagement during pandemic situations. It’s not only you who is feeling anxious, unsettled, and concerned for your personal life and business but also your employees. Your employees need your support while navigating uncertainties in their own personal and professionals lives. Acknowledge their feelings, empathize with them, and listen to the challenges they are facing while working from home and provide the resources they need.

Communicate Effectively: As the COVID-19 compelled most of us to do work from home, so during such times you need to communicate effectively with your employees. While making any future sales and marketing plans include your employees which will help you know what sorts of challenges might come while executing those plans. Listening to the employees’ real-time feedback will enable you to better communicate and act on a plan that will have a more meaningful impact.

Find various modes to connect: As most of your employees are working from home, so you must find new modes to connect with them. You can fix one time in a day to share things with your employees regarding how they can keep a balance between their work and personal life effectively during such pandemic situations. It’s not necessary you always discuss work plans; you discuss and communicate that through emails. You can use various apps like Slack or Google meet where your employees can share pictures of the workspaces they created in their homes and can share their experiences on how to fight with pandemic situations. This approach will definitely enhance employee engagement.

Show your gratitude: One of the best ways to enhance employee engagement during a pandemic situation is by showing gratitude towards the efforts your employees putting by working from home without getting affected by the chaotic situations. Recognize and appreciate their efforts that will eventually drive feelings of belonging and positivity among your employees.