How to Get More People to Read Your Emails?


Let’s face it! Emails actually don’t go anywhere.

To share a fun fact: 91% of the consumers check their emails on their phones. And yes..daily!

How to Get More People to Read Your Emails

Even if we assume that these numbers are doing it for you. We still have a better one that 89% of the marketers say that email marketing is one of the major sources to help them generate leads for the business.

Not yet convinced? Okay. Let’s take a closer look to the benefits it can offer to promote your business.

Email is one Business Intelligence Service that finely accelerates your online presence and helps you to powerfully advertise your product and service in the market showground. It’s an inexpensive way to communicate with your audience.

You might be thinking that social media is rather free. That is right! But, it alone has its set of challenges as well. It can definitely be a great channel to create awareness of your brand but will limit your ability to communicate to the audiences. If used properly, email marketing can be a more secured and controlled outlet to interact with your audiences.

Today, many business leaders follow this approach in trade but often fail to receive similar results. This largely happens when an email reaches the customer but is straight away ignored or deleted from the inbox even before it is read.

So, how do you get more people to read your emails?

Building an Eye-Catchy Subject Line

Sender name and subject line of your email are the most important factors in getting the emails opened. It is the face-value of your entire e-mail that decides the future of your message and your business. So, devote time to this tactic before you conceptualise a message and pen-down the thought in your email. If needed, use research and data to help you better frame one.

Creating Short and Crisp Content

People often lose interest while reading large pieces of content. Therefore, the content needs to be short and crisp that saves customers from reading through large paragraphs. It will wisely encourage your prospects to read the entire mail from start-to-end.

Focusing more on Illustrations

This is the age of visual culture, where people prefer to read, learn and understand through graphics and pictures rather than reading content. So, incorporating the pictorial artworks in your emails finely helps you capture your customers’ interest and will be more likely to boost engagement.

Writing Exclusive Emails for Different Customer Segments

Knowing your customers’ preferences and desires can be a great help before you write an email to them. These tools give you clear insights on their buying pattern through which you can craft, modify and customize an email according to their likes and dislikes.

Ending with a Question

This is the best methodology to promote a dialog with the customer. By doing this, you not just send them emails to read but also intelligently encourage them to reply to your email with a feedback, query or an interest.

So, next time while you craft a mail don’t forget to include a question or keep the content open-ended.

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