The Importance & Benefits of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)


Everyone is out to get leads when it comes to sales and marketing. It is, however, important to know that not all leads that are created match each other concerning quality. One of the aspects that have an impact on your bottom line is your leads, and they are marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Let’s reveal the things that make MQLs so unique, as well as where they can be found.

The Importance & Benefits of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

A qualified marketing lead refers to the prospects that the marketing team has determined as being likely to convert into a customer based on their lead analytics. But the question is why marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are so important? The importance of marketing qualified leads focuses more on the quality of their leads than quantity. For example, it is way better to have a few highly qualified marketing qualified leads with better potential purchasing power in comparison to receiving thousands of inquiries that are not genuinely interested.

Having a high conversion rate usually leads to more efficient sales as well as marketing processes. Therefore you should be investing your efforts into things that will not only improve your overall traffic but traffic with a high number of qualified leads within your marketing scope.

Now let’s look into the significant benefits of marketing qualified leads (MQLs):

Saves Time and Effort

Identifying marketing qualified leads (MQLs) help to ensure that the work of the marketing team does not get wasted. Once marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are directed and passed on to the sales, then the marketing team can rest assured that their sales teams are actively pursuing the hottest possible leads that can be converted. Simultaneously, the sales teams can rest assured that they are working on leads more likely to result in some sales.

Targeted Workload

No sales rep likes to spend entire time chasing leads. It is evident that sales reps will not spend their time and energy on leads that will take them nowhere. More importantly, is the fact that most businesses will not want to waste their limited resources in chasing bad leads. Knowing and identifying MQLs assist companies in thriving and improving the workloads of their teams to ensure that they are spending their resources only on leads that can give them the highest revenue.

Enhanced Content Marketing

As per on random marketing survey, it has been found that more than 80% of the marketing leads never turn into sales. This comes as a great challenge to businesses as well as other areas where MQL identification can help. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) benefit content marketers as they get to know the exact set of audience to target with their content and also improve the ROI of the lead nurturing initiatives.

Thus, marketing qualified leads (MQLs) result is an improvement in productivity as well as increased sales conversions for the company. Furthermore, it ensures that your marketing teams are executing campaigns that are inclined more to leads that have very high potential to turn into customers.