15 Powerful Trigger Words to Boost Business & Convert More Clients


Language is one of the most powerful tools that enable businesses to connect with their target audiences and compel them to make buying decisions. Especially in email marketing, the significance of using the right words cannot be ignored at all.  You never know which word or phrase will click with your target audience and compel them to open your emails or click to visit your business website or make a buying decision? There are a plethora of words with the ability to motivate consumers. However, you should know which words to boost business or with any particular set of the target audience. As we know “One size doesn’t fit all”, similarly any word or phrase that works great in one marketing campaign may not be the best in your other marketing campaign. It’s all about trial and error game, and of course, A/B testing, that helps businesses to pen-down which words connect with their target audience.

So, let us not beat around the bush and look into a few powerful trigger words that can boost your business and convert more readers:

You: “You” is a powerful trigger word, so when you write a marketing message ensure you address the target audience by the word “You”. This approach connects you directly with the reader and give a boost to your business. The reader also gets a feeling of getting connected instantly.

Because: This word compels the reader to take some action as you are giving a reason to the reader to do so.

Free: Never underestimate the power of the word “free.” After all who doesn’t want things for free?

Value: Another powerful trigger word that should be used in a marketing email is “Value”. You must highlight the value that readers receive for their money.

Guaranteed: One of the most powerful trigger words that generate a level of trust in readers’ minds is “Guaranteed”. It gives a feeling to readers that they will only gain and not lose.

Amazing/incredible: Readers always react to something that is not ordinary. But while using this word be careful not to overuse it as it may its power if overused.

Discover: This word generates immense curiosity among readers because it implies to something new and unknown to them and something that can provide significant benefits to them.

Act now: Use this word when you have time restrictions and want to get instant responses in a limited time period. It compels the reader to take action immediately because something is available for a limited time period only.

New: Everyone needs something new in their life and this word trigger readers to sit up and take notice.

Save: One of the best words to use in a marketing email that showcases monetary or time savings.

Proven: Another powerful trigger word that should be used in a marketing email is “Proven”. It gives a picture to your reader that your products and services are tried and true.

Real results: Businesses work on results. Using a word like “Real result” pushes the reader to buy your products and services.

100% money-back guarantee: Again by using this word, you want to convey a message tour readers that there is no risk if they opt for your products and services.

Breakthrough: By using this word you convey a message to readers that you are offering something cutting edge with new solutions that they haven’t seen before.

Thank you: Always appreciate your readers for their time they took out to read your message.

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