Avoid Top 10 Sales Mistakes During Sales Conversation


I always believe that selling is an art, no way lesser than painting, photography or literature. You don’t have to be only good at sales but exceptionally patient, highly confident and largely optimistic. You can find several lords of selling who can teach you how to crack deals, or when is the right time for next follow-up. But sadly, no one is likely to point out your mistakes that may be lowering your retention rate. Committing mistakes is a human nature and learning from such mistakes makes you a great sales rep. If you want to achieve your sales target, you definitely need to be in the sales race but avoid these common mistakes during sales conversation:

10 Sales Mistakes During Sales

1. Don’t Talk Much

This age-old suggestion still rules as the prevalent mistake when sales reps forget to give a break to their sales pitch and rather speak non-stop without knowing the interest of the prospect. Sales is all about nurturing relationship and if you do not listen to him, how can you be his problem solver without even knowing his challenges. Considering the fact, top sales performers always aim for 75% (listening) -25% (talking) call ratio to know more about customers’ demands, interests and psychology before taking the next step. 

2. Don’t Jump to Pricing Too Soon

The guide to purchase new apparel is ideally based on purpose, fabric, season, colour, design and price. Following the same guideline in your sales,  you will notice a genuine interest of your prospect in your service and is likely to involve more by asking frequent questions. So, let’s talk about the prices in the last, after showcasing the key features and benefits of adopting  your product. A wiser man once said, establish the value before disclosing the price. 

3. Don’t Forget to Qualify

Qualifying the lead is the foremost step to save your crucial time on potential customers, who may not be interested in your product/services. It’s like selling a comb to a bald-headed person who will only be furious enough to make you run away faster. The set parameters of qualifying every opportunity provides a better understanding of customers’ demands, interests and budget. Most importantly, you’ll be also able to figure out if the other person is one of the decision makers to take your sales journey ahead. 

4. Don’t Ask Too Much?

If by chance you encounter those nagging old-age aunts who literally kill your personal time by asking millions of questions, trust us backfiring with sarcastic replies or sitting in silence would not be a solution unless you walk away. Do you also want your prospects to experience the doppelganger of that nagging aunt in you and hang-up when they are asked thousands of questions? As a general rule, it is better to enquire about the prospect but exceeding the limit of 8-10 questions definitely assist in lowering your sale rate. 

5. Converse More, Involve More

In tennis, maintaining the ball in the air is a sign of good playing skills. While conversing with your leads, bounce back and forth is also a good indication of customer engagement and nurturing your prospect towards the path of paying customer. Involve your sales head in the sales conversation to make it look more authentic and represents as a hierarchy level of your organization to increase the chances of your success. 

6. Two minutes Company Overview

Shed light on your company profile in just 2 sentences because there is a feasibility that the prospect may show disinterest in your awards, or will visit the company website later. Studies revealed conversing too much about your company decreases your chances of progressing towards the next sales stage and cracking the deal.

7. Don’t Postpone Your Sales

To meet the growing technological advancements, the products are required to be upgraded every now and then. Lots of AI-driven and dynamic features are added at the backend to provide a competitive advantage to customers. To accomplish it, developers and engineers work 24/7 with a completion deadline over their head. However, at times the upgraded feature or new launch gets delayed and here comes the smart sales rep who can sell even at this crucial time. Before the actual feature release, you can entice the lead with various benefits and introductory discount that will work for you to generate your sales pipeline. 

8.  Play with Psychology

When raising kids, you will notice that they sometimes become stubborn with a toy that you intentionally keep it out of their reach. This psychology does wonders when applied with your prospects as well. At times, there is a price resistance from customer’s end, and to not lose those emeralds, you can customize their package by removing any feature or service and share the discounted price with them. In most cases, the customer is likely to re-think about the removed feature instead of the discounted price.  

9. Don’t Use “Dear Sir/Madam” in Emails

With the gradual change in sales automation, there has been a drastic change in business email greetings wherein the inclusion of “Dear Sir/Madam” is less taken as a respect and more considered as vague and lazy. In this hyper-connected world, it is easier to know the details of the person you are emailing to. With changing time, the business world no longer accepts the formal greetings but expect you to be more proactive in checking the recipient’s complete detail through Google or LinkedIn searches. 

10. Don’t Oversell 

Do you think a teacher can teach the entire book in one lecture? Definitely Not! The more information you share with people, the more are the chances of getting them confused. Similarly, when prospects are bombarded with lots of product information, they are more likely to step aback. Be acute to try the elevator pitch that is precise and easier to understand. The more usage of technical jargon or sophisticated language will only decrease the attention span and leave you dumb. Similarly, twist your sales conversation with 20% of product features and 80% about its benefits. 

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