5 Benefits of Using A Clean Customer Data


Cleaning corporate database is not lesser than the task of cleaning a decade-old locked mansion. Starting from scratch and ending nowhere is the biggest pain area of most of the renowned organizations. Dirty data can be from anything to everything, comprising incorrect email addresses, outdated contact numbers, old addresses and a lot more. In a nutshell, it is estimated that the U.S. economy is badly hit by bad data and the figure is somewhere around $3.1 trillion/annum.

5 Benefits of Using A Clean Customer Data

Check out our five advantages to using clean customer data below:

  1. Boost marketing campaigns with clean data.
    Let’s assume you are about to shoot an email campaign and your mailing list is not up-to-date with the accurate details. Will you tab on the “send” button, risking the bounce rate at the crucial time? Obviously not! If this is the case with you, the data amendment is the solution for you.
  2. Save time & cost with updated company addresses
    Businesses are expanding and so do the company’s official addresses. From one office to multiple offices, it is not easy to track each postal address on tips. That is why we suggest you rely on the one-stop-company information that showcases your A-Z company/employee information. Though you may verify each address by sending postage on a roundtrip, we are not going to fund those expensive stamps and paper costs.
  3. Close Deals Faster!
    With the sales-ready business intelligence, you are all ready to harness the power of the database to help you get interested leads and good return on investment. The verified and reliable business information allows you to grow your business faster without compromising with the research time and cost.
  4. The more, the better!
    Once you have the clean data of your target audience, you will be likely to receive responses, generate leads and provide actionable results. It is better to shoot email campaigns on the already created mailing list of business emails rather than starting from the scratch through Google and LinkedIn.
  5. Clean data helps in building confidence
    It is essential for a surgeon to know the patient’s history before beginning with the diagnosis. Imagine what if the surgeon proceeded with little information and couldn’t able to provide the immediate solution. That’s the reason verified and clean data is essential to make the first cold call with complete confidence and accurate information. It increases the chances of generating new business opportunities and revenue.

Dataguru now SalezShark Discover is the one-stop reliable source of the business directory that provides a global corporate database, allowing you to customize your target prospects according to the industry, state, job level, radius search, position, and title. Our database researchers verify the database at the 90 days working cycle to provide you a clean and accurate data at the industry’s best pricing with no hidden cost and guaranteed deliverability on official email addresses.

To make things easier for you, you can request for a free demo and sample data to know the quality of our database across the industry.


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