B2B Customer Experience Excellence


B2B Customer Experience Excellence

Expectations are at an all-time high when it comes to B2B customer experience. Most of the businesses around the world are racing to match the speed, dynamism, and customer-centricity. As per one customer intelligence consultancy, B2B customer-experience index ratings are significantly lagging behind, and by 2020 that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.  While B2C organizations have been quick to update their Customer Experience for good, on the other hand, B2B organizations have lagged behind. So, there’s no better time to transform your B2B customer experience and start reaping the rewards.

Here, we are with a few proven techniques to achieve B2B Customer Experience Excellence.

Provide Personalized Support

Personalized support can be a game-changer in a B2B environment. Everyone looks for a quick resolution to their issues and when it comes to customers they need instant support if they get stuck in any kind of trouble. To overcome such challenges and delight customers B2B organizations can introduce a Live Chat Support that can significantly reduce response time while enabling businesses to connect to your users on a real-time basis. This allows businesses to interact with users instantly and when they looking for help or guidance in their buying journey. Applying this approach gives a boost to the conversion rate of leads into customers. A live chat tool can be easily integrated with co-browsing software, which can empower businesses for seamless customer experience.

Predict Users’ Behavior and Gather Feedback

As per the study was done by Aberdeen Group, businesses that apply predictive analytics approach generate 2X customer lifetime value, as they have detailed and all necessary information to meet customer expectations. This data helps a business in revealing the history of buyers and their needs, which can help businesses to craft effective conversations. Besides this, businesses should also gather the feedback of their leads and customers through various modes like contact forms or online comment boxes, live chat, online surveys, feedback forms, and so on.

Introduce Loyalty Programs

Nurturing customer loyalty is essential and, at the same time, crucial for any B2B organization. It allows businesses to develop long-term relationships in addition to gaining access to a host of potential business opportunities. A loyal customer acts as a Hero who can do much for any business growth through glowing reviews, promising referrals, and spreading the brand’s message across. However, not all customers are driven by the same reward system. Therefore, it is essential to gauge the buying habits of your business’s most profitable accounts to create value-driven and effective loyalty programs.

Some of the most popular loyalty programs include offering special rebates to returning or long-term customers. Another loyalty program that can be introduced is to run a referral program that offers buyers more incentive for inviting more clients. Newly referred clients also enjoy a bonus, making it a profitable situation for everyone.

Thus, customer experience would soon be the biggest differentiator for businesses in 2020 more than price and product or service quality in the B2B space.