Prerequisites for Buying Business Directory


Acquiring the right leads at the right time and converting them into customers is the major challenge that any business faces. It’s not an easy process, as it takes a lot of effort and time. To overcome such challenges, businesses need an accurate business directory that can be purchased from any data provider. Accurate data saves time and helps the sales and marketing team to get in touch with the right prospects for the business.

Irrelevant and un-structured business directory acts as a hurdle in a qualified lead generation. It wastes the efforts of the sales and marketing team to connect with the right leads. To solve such issues, many businesses buying data from a reputed data provider like Dataguru that simplify the lead generation process. But, the question is- will it expand customer reach and will it provide them exposure to relevant B2B contacts. If you are keen to buy a business directory from any data provider, then you must know the advantages your business can reap out of it. How this data can connect you to key stakeholders of multiple industries that can scale up the lead generation process by tapping the right leads to create more effective campaigns, and help your sales representatives focus on selling, not to research.

Let us have a quick look at a few prerequisites that we must consider before buying a business directory:

Explain data requirements to data provider: You must explain your data requirements to the data provider. For example, if you want a business directory entailing contacts of key decision-makers of a specific location, then what would you do with business directory entailing contacts from other locations. It will be useless if your data is not location-specific. So it would be a good option to explain the data specific requirement to the data provider before buying a business directory.

Explain why you need business directory: You should also explain to the data provider why you need data, what is the objective behind buying that business directory, and how you will be using it. Explain your actual need for a business directory to the data provider. It can be for multiple reasons right from telemarketing to email campaigns.

Ask for a Sample: Before buying any data of key decision-makers of businesses, you should first opt for sample data. Ask your data provider for free sample data, which gives a brief view of a business directory for a few hours, and in that time- period, you can evaluate the actual worth of that business directory.

Evaluate the lead generation process: Develop a clear understanding of your company’s lead generation process and gauge the number of leads your team can manage successfully. Buying a vast business directory is not enough if your team is not ready to streamline it appropriately and use it to its maximum potential.

Data Support: Only purchasing a business directory from any reputed data provider is of no use if it is not organized and relevant. Your data provider must offer you impeccable after-sales support, too, and should always be ready to take ownership of the data that is structured and suits your business needs.

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