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Database Marketing: Better Data for Better Marketing


The way companies now market their offerings and themselves has been really shifted. It has moved from traditional marketing to more towards targeted integrated marketing. Technology has now introduced us with the real-time business intelligence tools, which actually has one-to-one marketing a reality. It not only helps increase the prospect engagement but also accelerate the sales.

In a survey conducted by data governance experts the DQM group had revealed that 53% of the 144 UK based organizations had polled planned to increase their level of investment in data and marketing during 2013.

But what actually the database marketing is and what are the factors driving this new found enthusiasm for its use?

What is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is the process of identifying and analyzing the relevant information about the potential customers of a company. The primary aim of the database marketing is to then use the collected information to ideate and implement the marketing strategies to increase the profits.


You can Develop Custom Email Database for Marketing

All your inside sales and marketing efforts and campaigns rely on the quality of the database. A large unhygienic database can never produce the desired results. A custom email database can help in:

  • Targeted database marketing
  • Increasing telesales productivity
  • Shortening sales cycle
Turn Data into Knowledge

You can also do your bit of analysis using the social intelligence that the database solutions offer for effective marketing and communications. This may involve using the information to segment potential customers so that appropriate and targeted marketing message can be created for them.

Humanize the Data for ABM

If you’re pursuing ABM then one needs to start with identifying named accounts to target and the key influencers within the accounts. helps you know the account you’re dealing with in great detail, including where it might fall in any greater company hierarchy. Is your target account a subsidiary or franchise of a much larger business – and if so, is that really the most strategic account you should be targeting?

Final Thoughts

Despite being around for the last 7 years the face of database marketing is continuing to evolve. It really provides the means when used effectively to get the important data about the company’s potential customers which is further used for improving customer communications and eventually increasing the revenue. If your business couldn’t have the opportunity to compile the data for this, has an extensive range of lists and complimentary services for you to take advantage of database marketing today.

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