How to Determine High-Quality Leads?


In a rapidly growing digital world, there are ample of channels and strategies to generate sales leads. I’m sure with the latest evolvement in digital marketing your company is investing more in it than ever before and collecting more data of prospects/leads than you can really digest. With the help of the latest technology advancements generating leads is not a big deal for you however it is quite difficult to identify the high-quality leads and differentiate from the low-quality ones. Most of the b2b marketers face a hard time in generating high-quality leads. A study conducted by Demand Generation Benchmark in 2016 stated that 83% of b2b marketers tend to focus more on lead quality over quantity.

high quality leads

The process of generating leads and determining those leads as high-quality sales qualified leads is not something your marketing experts should tackle alone, but it should also involve your sales professionals in the process. Defining sales qualified leads is not an easy process. You need to continuously juggle between the quality and quantity of leads. To simplify this process you need to wrestle with these questions:

Is your current buyer’s persona flexible enough that you are not missing out on sales qualified leads?

In a b2b environment for any purchase decision, multiple stakeholders are involved and who influence the purchase decision. If you are targeting only one of the stakeholders then sorry to say you are missing one good opportunity to attract the other people who need to be on board. Try to learn more about the stakeholders for your product and services; and make sure to address their needs and objections, both in sales discussions and in marketing content.

Are you providing too many leads to your sales professionals?

Most of the marketing professionals in a race of generating more and more leads tend to transfer every single lead to sales experts. But this approach will not help as the sales professionals with too many leads simply don’t get enough time to follow-up with each lead. If this is happening in your organization too, then you need to tighten your definition of a sales-qualified lead. You should re-calibrate the lead routing process every few weeks because the lead generation is high in volume.

Are you taking enough feedback from your sales professionals?

Your sales professionals can work as the best source of information explaining to you what makes your products and services win in certain cases and lose in others.  You should take enough feedback from them to share their thoughts and experience on why certain leads turned into customers and why others not. This feedback of sales experts can help you in making decisions about how you showcase your products/services and engage leads with content. This feedback will help you in re-strategizing your marketing content based on consumers’ needs and expectations. Besides it will also make you learn that maybe you are pushing too many of the wrong leads to the sales team.