Simple Habits of Successful Prospectors


Simple Habits of Successful ProspectorsYou need to be innovative when it comes to acquiring new customers and succeed in this competitive industry. There is no single fixed universal approach that makes you a successful prospector. Instead, you will need to adopt numerous prospecting habits and learn, through trial and error, which work best for you. Once you’ve found a method you’re good at, you’re likely to enjoy finding new customers that way, enhancing your job satisfaction as well as your ability to entice new customers. Here are a few simple habits of successful prospectors you must inculcate to increase your sales:

Identify Ideal Customers: To be a successful prospector you should have an eye to identifying the sales qualified leads. You must give your more time to the people who are better prospects. Consistency plays an essential role in finding ideal customers; you must prospect morning, noon and night. Don’t sit back and relax, be consistent in your prospecting efforts until you have so many customers that you don’t have enough time left to sell and satisfy all the people who want to purchase from you.

Build Relationships: Another habit of successful prospector is to focus on building robust rapport and relationship with the prospects before anything else. A successful prospector always focuses on establishing rapport, trust, and credibility with each prospect from the very first interaction. Successful prospectors ask good questions and listen actively to the answers. They contemplate a customer’s situation and requirements before they make any attempt to talk about their product or service.

Capture Needs Clearly: The third habit of successful prospectors is that they ask relevant questions and identify the actual needs of the prospect relative to what they’re selling. Always keep in mind the more relevant questions you ask about the prospect’s requirement and the more you link your product to those needs, the more open the prospect becomes to buy.

Answer Objections Effectively: Another habit of the successful prospector is to answer objections of prospects effectively and resolve concerns in a competent manner. It can be easily done by developing logical, complete answers to each of the objections when they come up.

Ask for the decision: A successful prospector also has the habit of asking the customer to make a buying decision. Irrespective of how good your presentation or how high the level of trust that exists between you and your customer, there’s always a moment of stress at the making of a buying decision. Here a successful prospector’s job is to move quickly and professionally through that stressful situation by asking for the order from the prospect in a confident, professional manner and then closing the deal.

Look for Re-Sales and Referrals: Lat but not the least, a successful prospector develops the habit of asking for re-sales and referrals from each prospect and existing customers. They know that every prospect they talk to knows at least 50 other people by their first names. Thus, they give good service to their customers and ask for referrals to similar prospects. This habit of thinking in terms of re-sales and referrals is the key to attain high revenue and profitability. Studies also show that most of the successful prospectors and organizations have high levels of repeat business and a continuous flow of new customers that come from referrals from their satisfied and delighted customers.

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