How Game of Thrones can Help Salespeople?


In the realm of Westeros, it isn’t only the extent of the military that decides if it will overcome its foes or not, but the strategies of the leaders and the far-sighted vision of its pioneers that transform your defeat into triumph. With the end of the eighth season of GoT, we have watched enormous attacks crash and burn because of an absence of legitimate arrangement, direction, and execution in GOT. Let’s figure out some latest exercises for sales management from the perspective of Game of Thrones.

How Game of Thrones can Help Salespeople

Best Leaders Lead by Example

At the point when Daenerys Targaryen focuses on bridging the Narrow Sea and asserting some authority as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, she doesn’t rush the procedure. Rather than taking her recently discovered armed force and growing dragons toward a definitive goal, she chooses to stay in Meereen, in order to initially demonstrate she can effectively run the show.

The conclusion is, you’ll always be known as the potential sales rep who walk the walk as opposed to simply talking the talk. While actualizing new activities or projects, involve yourself and show the world your exclusive procedures to get it done.

Inspire Your Salespeople When They’re Down

In reality as we know it where focal characters drop like flies, there’s no opportunity to be melancholic. Where would our person Jon Snow be at the present time if he gets to know that he invested his energy mourning about the way that practically everybody he has ever known is dead?

When it comes to sales, experiencing a difficult time can be genuinely collapsing. When you see a colleague is going through a hard time, motivate him with some positive vibes to prevent that negativity to enter your team premises and boost morale before it becomes worse.

Alone you can do Little, Together We can Achieve Much

By choosing the path of isolation, nobody has reached the destination in GoT.  Each contender for the Iron Throne owes their advancement by depending upon others support, to some extent.

Similarly, the business of sales cannot be accomplished on the basis of solo performance. However, the inclusion of targets and goals do emphasize on the significance of personal achievements that entice sales rep with incentives and other additional perks. But with the consolidation of sharing assets and sales force, the team can step up the success ladder much faster. To hit the targets every month, encourage your sales team to work uniformly and collectively. As opposed to hosting the sales award ceremony, try to incentivize the achievements on the basis of team efforts.

Treat the Way You Want to be Treated

Do you know the traits of a decent ruler? Surely not a heartless and maniacal tyrant like Joffrey Baratheon or the Mad King can be nominated in the category. Cersie and now Daenerys is neither the people’s choice and easily fall in that list. As a result of the gentle behavior and genuine care for needy ones,  Jon Snow has dependably been the perfect choice of large gentry to rule over Westeros.

Be inspired by Jon and his unconditional assistance at every hour to provide additional support to your team members whenever required. Consider it as your main objective to facilitate an enjoyable workplace with open door policy. In simple words, don’t be like Cersei.

Women are Breaking the Stereotype of Four Walls

Arya Stark, the fiercest daughter of Eddard Stark, is the true fighter who endured her share of cruelty but survived till the last. As an efficient swordswoman, she took out the unresolved revenge to end the lives of people who did wrong to her and loved ones.

With the changing time, women now have a significant presence in many industries, including sales. Challenging the stereotype, women are inspired to independently take charge of things like achieving their quotas and goals. Bringing different skills and perspective to sales, women are undoubtedly emerging as the quick learners and target-achievers and ending the cliches attached to being fragile and slow-moving.

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