Effective Ways to Introduce Yourself via E-mail


It’s an old adage, “The first impression is the last impression”. Creating a good first impression of yourself or your brand plays a vital role at the beginning of any relationship and the same goes for your email interactions too. It doesn’t matter you are meeting someone you never met or you introduce yourself via email; you should leave no stone unturned to leave a mark.

Introduce Yourself via Email

The tone of your e-mail decides how you want to build and pursue a relationship with the recipient. It may vary depending upon the kind of relationship you share with the e-mail recipient that can be personal or professional. Here we are with a few effective ways to introduce yourself via e-mail:

Firstly if you want to personalize with the email recipient then you must introduce yourself with leaving formalities behind, start your email with “Hi (Recipient’s First Name)” and end with “Cheers”.

You must add the recipient’s first name because that builds an instant connect with the email recipient. In such emails, you can introduce yourself in a manner that is friendly. Let’s look into an example:

Hi (Recipient’s first name),

It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone earlier today. I hope you appreciated my ideas on (ABC topic). I am looking forward to connecting with you soon to discuss more.


(Your Name)

Another way to introduce yourself via e-mail is when you wish to showcase professionalism and stick to a strict business approach. In certain formal business emails, e-mail recipients appreciate a professional approach and that is certainly required to build a good impression. You can start your email with “Dear Mr. (Recipient’s Last Name)” Or “Dear Miss (Recipient’s Last Name)” and end with “Yours truly”. In these emails, you must choose your words carefully to keep the tone strictly professional and formal. Let’s look into an example:

Dear Mr. (Recipient’s last name),

My name is (name). We helped (specific company type) with (one-line description). I wish to know how you manage (thing your organization manages) at (Organization Name). Are you available for a brief call at (time options)?; so I can show you what we’re working on.

Yours truly

(Your Name)

The third way to introduce yourself via e-mail can be in a manner that is not too friendly yet not too formal. In such emails, you can start the email with “Dear (Recipient’s First Name)” and skip the “Mr.”, and end with “Kind regards” You can also introduce yourself by reminding the recipient how and where you’ve met which will definitely help in building a good impression and rapport. Let’s look into an example:

Dear (Recipient’s first name),

My name is (name). It was great meeting you at XYZ event. I wish to know how you manage (XYZ process) at (Organization Name). I can help you to manage the XYZ process effectively. Are you available for a brief call at (time options)?

Kind Regards,

(Your Name)

Last but not least the fourth way you can introduce yourself via email as a very straight forward person and not beating around the bush. I such emails you can start with “Hello (Recipient’s First Name)”, and get straight to the point of interest, and end with “Best wishes” or “ Best regards”. You can also add an effective signature entailing your contact details, and a link that will lead them to your website. Let’s look into an example:

Hello (Recipient’s first name),

My name is (name). I am a (Designation in a company) at (Company name). (My company) can help your sales professionals in driving sales better with a handy sales tool. If that sounds interesting, I can explain how it works.

Best regards

(Your Name)

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