Memes That Perfectly Explain Working In Sales


It’s no secret that Doing sales is not easy. It’s highly competitive and comes with its unique set of challenges. From the intense meetings, cut-throat competition, to those customers who never answer your calls, they struggle at some point of their job.

To help highlight the struggles and life of sales people, here are some relatable memes:

Getting Through to Key Decision Makers

It’s far from easy to get through a gatekeeper. Nothing you do or say will convince them; more often than not, you meet one who only seems to slow down your chances to close.

A Serious Knack for Task Juggling

Memes That Perfectly Explain Working In Sales

Between following up with prospects, nurturing leads, making cold calls, creating PPTs, sending campaigns, and scheduling meetings, days go by quick and quarters go by even quicker. Having the circumstances changing dramatically minute-to-minute, it would be really difficult for a sales rep to afloat without the knack for task juggling.

Believe or not..the struggle for a sales rep to be effective with his time is real!

Rising Tide of Abandonment

Memes That Perfectly Explain Working In Sales

You as a sales person understand, optimize, customize, and test to defeat the tide of abandonment. And the customer still chooses not to buy or chooses your competition over you.

Customer-Poaching Colleague

Working with other team members and colleagues can be fun as well as very competitive for a sales rep. Sales is a cut-throat industry and at some places it’s every person for themselves.

The Last Day of the Month

If stress burned calories, sales people would be supermodels on the last day of the month. It is this day when a sales rep puts all the work, sweat, and tears to hit the quota until the eleventh hour.

The Joy of Making a Sale!

Memes That Perfectly Explain Working In Sales

After all the challenges and thrill of working a deal there comes a surge of pride and hefty commission that comes with the closing handshake and you just can’t get over it.

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