Tips to Enhance Productivity of Team at Work


In a fast-paced competitive world, businesses work for profits and revenue generation matters the most to any business irrespective of its size small, medium or large. The productivity of your team at work to a large extent decides the attainment of business goals and profits. Therefore to sustain upward business growth and enhance revenue generation you need to improve your team’s productivity at work. Fortunately most of the managers today understand the aspects that influence their subordinates to push their limits to perfection. These aspects are beyond good salary, so what are those aspects that can be recognized by a good manager to enhance the team’s productivity?

Enhance Productivity of Team

Don’t worry here we are with a few tips that will help you enhance the productivity of your team at work:

Set & Explain Team Objectives:  Most of the managers fail to set and clarify team objectives. They face a hard time explaining the team objectives to their subordinates which results in miscommunication and failure in the attainments of team goals. So, it is essential for you to explain to your team members what should they focus on first and what last, you need to explain to them how to prioritize their tasks in order to achieve the common objective of the team. This process can be difficult but if you allow your team members to participate in a meeting while setting team objectives then it becomes a cakewalk. Together with your team members’ suggestions and agreement on various objectives you can set team objectives properly and team members also develop a though understanding of objectives simultaneously. This approach thus increases the productivity of your team at work.

Analyze Your Team’s Strength & Weakness: Nobody is perfect; we all have some strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, if you are handling a team then surely your team members do have some strength and some weaknesses on which they can work to enhance productivity at work. It becomes your utmost responsibility to analyze your team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Therefore sit with your team members individually and have one to one conversations. Try to analyze what they can do well and what are areas they need to work upon for betterment. After this, you can delegate tasks to your team members based on their strengths and weakness. This approach thus saves a lot of time and surely enhances the productivity of your team at work.

Plan Team-Building Activities: “United we stand, divided we fall”, an appropriate saying that is applicable to our work environment too. Planning team building activities is another useful tip to enhance the team’s productivity. You can plan a day out with your team members away from the daily hustle-bustle of work. Plan some game activities for them where the importance of teamwork highlights. These activities help your team members to know each other in a better manner and hence at work they can work together to achieve common goals quickly.

Create A Lively Work Environment & Healthy Competition: The work environment of your team directly impacts the productivity of your team.  Nobody wants to work in an environment where unhealthy and cut-throat competition exists among team members instead employees would love to work in an environment where healthy competition exists. Healthy competition leads to a lively environment among team members where everyone is helping each other for the achievement of common team goals.

So, these were the few but effective tips to enhance your team’s productivity at work. Once you successfully establish team objectives, analyze your team members’ strengths and weaknesses, plan team building activities and set a lively environment of healthy competition then there is no looking back for your team.

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