Proven Sales Tactics That Can Get You Yes


The dynamics of the sales world have been transformed dramatically with the arrival of the internet and easy access to the internet on portable devices like mobile and I-pads. Consumers today are not buying just a product or a service that can help them personally or professionals but also buying a feeling that they like to cherish for a longer period of time. Gone are the days when consumers were buying products or services by simply relying on the words of the sales and marketing professionals. The way of buying and selling has touched the new dimensions now. Consumers before making any buying decision surf multiple websites, go through various customers’ feedbacks and check the credibility of businesses through social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They also consult their friends and family before making any purchase. Hence with the pace of time, old sales tactics are obsolete and for any sales professional to convince consumers must try new sales tactics that can get them yes. So let us look into a few proven sales tactics that can get you yes from leads.

Proven Sales Tactics

Create Enticing Product/Service Summary: Being a sales professional you must never ignore the significance of well descriptive and compelling product/service information that generates curiosity among consumers to know more about a product and encourage them to buy. Millennials today surf multiple websites and rely on web information a lot to gain a better understanding of any product or service they looking forward to buying. Till the time they not convinced with the product/service description, they don’t buy product/service. Hence, creating a strong, descriptive and enticing product/ service summary is one of the most proven sales tactics to be used for better sales.

Work on Visual Appeal: It’s all about show business today. Any product or service description that is not visually appealing or eye-catching has fewer chances to be read by consumers. As per one old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, undoubtedly the product/ service description plays a vital role in enhancing sales however with the product/service description keeping a visually appealing image can boost consumer engagement. Thus, using an eye-catching image with a product/service summary is a useful sales tactics.

Give Social Proof: Another sales tactic that can be very useful and apt is the current sales environment is to give social proof. This approach means you want to showcase your business products and services’ credibility in the market through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms are often used by prospects to check the credibility of businesses online, thus giving social proof of your brand generates trust among your prospects and that encourages them to buy from you.

Be Easily Reachable: Last but not least, being a sales professional if you wish to enhance your lead conversion process then you have no options but to be easily reachable. Work on your business website and provide your company’s contact details like email addresses and phone numbers where a prospect can contact you for detailed product/service information. Also, put your business social media links that connect prospects directly to your business social media platforms where prospects can gain a better understanding of your business. This approach hence improves the user experience and enhances the chances of sales too.

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