Proven Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn & Increase Customer Loyalty


If closing the sales deal is a winning moment, then closing a customer account is a disheartening phase that should be prevented before it’s too late.

Like it or not, no single business in the world can escape this inevitable part of customer churn and can make you keep awake all night long. According to the Forrester, it costs 5 TIMES MORE on customer acquisition than it does to nurture the existing ones and it will cost you multiple times higher to bring another client up to a similar level as a present one.

What is Customer Churn?

For B2B marketers, it is evident to focus on the calculation of lead generation and a number of closed deals that drive the best ROI. Fair enough? Customer churn is the approximate number of customers who stopped using your product/service and requested for an account closure due to unsatisfied client servicing, price surge, product fault or end number of reasons.

Here I am sharing prevalent strategies that would help you to improve your customer retention while reducing churns at the organization.

    1. Provide the best customer experience

Indeed, it is the most evident strategy for keeping clients close by. Actually, poor client support is the main instance of client stir. As per a Customer Experience Impact Report by Oracle, the two primary reasons why clients leave the organization are bumbling and impolite staff and terribly slow service.

Customer churn is a result of poor administration and numerous organizations call their clients just when they’re looking for contract renewals or price surge. This can bring about negative client experience and keep the organization from checking potential issues. To lessen the agitate rate, you’ll have to give excellent customer service that makes existing clients feel esteemed.

2. Be in touch with your clients

Another approach to anticipate customer retention is to effectively connect with your clients with your product and services. Give your clients motivations to hold returning by demonstrating to them the everyday benefit of utilizing your items, by making your items, administrations, offers, and so on a piece of their day by the daily work process.

All in all, how might you do it?

First off, give plentiful and flexible substance about the key useful advantages of your item and offer customary news refreshes, for example, declarations of arrangements, discounted offers or and new feature releases. Secondly, keep your clients engaged in platforms like email marketing and social media postings. Let your clients hear about new product up-gradation or feature release on every corner of their desktop. Thirdly, don’t forget to get feedback from your clients that will help you to build the product better and in sync with the customers’ requirements for the best fit.

3. Offer Timely Product Training

You need to give enough great quality instructive or bolster materials, which will reduce customer churn and increasing customer loyalty. Provide free product demos, training, online courses, video instructional exercises, and whatever it takes to make your clients feel great and educated.

As such, you need to not exclusively give them the instruments that work, yet in addition, offer the preparation on the best way to utilize these devices at the most extreme benefit. Along these lines, you will show the maximum capacity of your items and benefits, and guarantee that clients have an effective on-boarding and execution process.

4. Utilize trigger-based emails

Your clients experience various stages subsequent to pursuing your administration. Conveying the correct messages at certain time spans can enable you to lessen the frustration rate among new sign-ups. Regardless of whether it’s somebody who has stayed away forever subsequent to joining or a long haul client who has stayed dormant for a short time, convey computerized messages urging them to make a move.

5. Focus on grievances

Grievances resemble hints of something larger – they propose that the greater piece of the issue is needed to be addressed right at the earliest.

Did you realize that 95% of clients don’t gripe, and 91% of those will essentially leave and never return? Is it accurate to say that you are likewise mindful that it takes just 1 negative involvement to make 32% of clients quit working with a brand they once cherished?

It is recommended to treat complaints faster than appreciation because 1 negative review is likely to influence other 99 users. Don’t forget we are living in a world that works on the digital demonstration of online reviews and social media replies. Any negative post will spread like fire and cause your brand value into an increasing number of customer churn.


It is a fact that customers churn happens at every organization and it is a possibility that you could lower your churn rates while working on these suggestions to increase customer loyalty and build brand reputation.

Hence it is evident to focus on acquiring more and more customers while retaining the existent customers with suggested customer nurturing strategies. Believe me; your efforts will never be taken for granted. Any extra move towards reducing customer churn will be appreciated by clients and give you a competitive advantage when you treat your clients like your family.

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