Proven Phrases that can Differ You from Sales Rep to Sales Rockstar


Have you ever thought of why you buy some products and leave others? How do you a shortlist a single product or service out of many? How you decide to choose a particular product or service without first-hand experience. What makes you finally decide to opt for a new restaurant or use new toothpaste or switch to new software? Maybe you never paid attention to the fact that you do not simply buy any product or service; you actually buy words said by the salespeople helping your brains to decide which product or service to buy. There are a plethora of variables, but one thing that impacts your buying decision is certain words that compel you to buy. Businesses must use these persuasive words and phrases to sell better and enhance revenue.

As we said, there are plenty of reasons that impact the sale of any product or service. One factor is also the prospect’s mood that impacts the sales process to a major extent. However, to educate and sell something to prospect by using powerful words and phrases can make sales a breeze, and that sets sales rockstar apart from any ordinary salesperson. Most of the sales professionals who are experts in selling and are rockstars of the sales world know that it is essential to transfer their belief and attitude to their prospects that help them to sell better. Expert sales professionals are always ready with a list of power words and phrases that help them to get their prospects into the proper mindset. They leave no stone unturned in overwhelming their prospects with their positive attitude and never give up until they get the deal closed.

Here are a few powerful and persuasive phrases that should be handy with all sales professionals, and undoubtedly customers love to hear these phrases when making a buying decision:

Phrase No. #1

“(Prospect’s Name), once you truly know how this works, you’ll be as impressed as I was during my interview here. Let me take your few minutes to fill you in…”

Phrase No. #2

“(Prospect’s Name). I bet you’ll be 100% satisfied. Give me your some time to show you what this can do for you….”

Phrase No. #3

“(Prospect’s Name) are you ready to be amazed today? Because once I show you the changes we have made to this (product or service), you will be more than amazed. Go ahead and open that…”

Phrase No. #4

“(Prospect’s Name) virtually nothing of this (product or service) has remained the same that you know about. In fact, we have revamped every single part of it to perfection and added some better features that you will soon never be able to live without. For example…”

Phrase No. #5

“(Prospect’s Name), I believe you don’t mind learning why we are the best selling (your product or service) in the market, so let us do this – go ahead and open that e-mail and let me highlight just two things that make us standard apart from the rest…”

Phrase No. #6

“(Prospect’s Name); I couldn’t stop myself speaking with you today. I’m here with the latest update that will amaze you! Do me a favor and take that brochure in your hand…”

Phrase No. #7

“(Prospect’s Name), the four things that make me excited to come to work every day, and they also make all my clients excited equally to sign up with us. The first is….”

Phrase No. #8

“(Prospect’s Name) are you set and ready to get the best (your product or service) on the market today? If so, then grab a pen and paper and make some notes: I have something really amazing to tell you today…”

The above phrases have the ability to create wonders if used properly; however, what if the prospect’s mindset is not positive towards you and prospect is not showing interest. Don’t worry; here are a few phrases that help you to deal with prospects that are negative:

Phrase No. #1

“If that were true, I wouldn’t be presenting this… The fact is, most people fail to understand how this works, but once they do, they know why we are different and the number one product on the market. Let’s do this…”

Phrase No. #2

“Let me describe you just three simple reasons why we are different and one of the best brands in this industry, and if you still not interested post that, then we will part our ways. The first reason is our world-class customer support…”

So it is all about that any sales expert should know to make sales a breeze. By using these kinds of powerful and persuasive phrases, you act as one who sets the tone of the call. Always keep in mind that enthusiasm does sell, always check your attitude before you pitch any product or service, and, most importantly, keep these sales phrases ready and handy.


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