Sales Stages Before You Hear “YES”


It is not an easy task to make the cold calling all day long and literally requesting each one of the prospects not to hang-up even before listening to the complete pitch. But some people do this much work and me really applause the hard work involved of those efficient salespeople and at times, my heart is out on seeing the time wasted on those cold calling that could be utilized in lead nurturing.

Well, it takes a whole lot of courage to listen to the “YES” before walking on the path of thorns. Let’s walk you through the stages of rejections before getting ahead with the hard-earned YES.

The moment you introduce yourself:

Sadly, salespeople face rejections even before the beginning of their sales pitch. Most prospects hung up the call right after the moment they will know the objective of your calling. However, 1 in 10 sales calls will definitely be interested in your product/service so such type of rejections should not become an obstacle in dialing yet another number. So keep dialing and keep reaching out to new clients.

No time for lead nurturing:

This set of leads sounds to be most interesting at the first call, but they “don’t have time” to attend the online demo, to make another call and show no urgency to purchase the product. Such leads require extensive nurturing and extra efforts to create that urgency and before that to fall into their calendar to be heard.

Never turned up on the show-time:

Call? Done. Demo? Scheduled. Pricing? Shared.

Wow, everything is in place. So what is the issue now? Well, the prospect doesn’t show up at the scheduled timing. Either, he/she moves the calendar or never answered the call during the fixed appointment. It seems that the prospect is too shy to say NO.

Tight with Budget:

Such leads never go out of your prospecting arena but hardest to tackle when you know they are financially crippled to invest in your product/service. In such cases, do keep sharing the discount proposals whenever you are launching within your organization. You never know, when such start-ups raise hefty rounds of funding to have collaboration with you.

Always interrogating:

“Do you offer this extension?” “ Can you help us in customizing this feature?” “I have some trust issues on your security panel.”

If you are new to sales, don’t be surprised to see such skeptic people do exist in today’s world. It is hardest to win their trust but they transform you as an efficient sales rep that can convince anyone with his monologue.

Disappear like Potter’s cloak

You will be stunned to know that yes, he/she did reply to my email last and agreed on the quotation but where they have disappeared on the earth? Such prospects will be completely interested in your product, even sounded technical compatible and you counted this deal in your achieved target list as well. But they suddenly stop responding to your calls, non-response to emails and you will regret to close this deal.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The moment you felt defeated you will hear “Yes” from your sales pipeline and out of the blue moon, few prospects turn into clients without even investing any extra effort. It seems God is really merciful on his favorite child. Now, you have a handful of clients to shine bright at the month-end leader board and extra bucks to chill-out at the most expensive cafe.



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