Steps to Improve Data Quality


Data quality plays a vital role in the growth of any business. The issues of data quality never appear as an accident but gradually come into the picture that is mostly detected and reported by employees, customers, or prospects, or during the time of data audits. Here you need to be a little proactive and plan for data quality improvement. So let us dig into a few hands-on strategies helping you to improve data quality in your business.

Steps to Improve Data Quality


Keep a Check on Data Entry: Many times during updating the client information or registering new lead information the sales and marketing teams make mistakes. Here you need to check they input all necessary details of clients to ensure data accuracy and consistency.


Work on Data Capture during Lead Generation: The most effective way of a quality lead generation is by providing a form into your posts that encourage consumers to fill their information. However, many consumers hesitate in filling those lengthy forms or make mistakes while doing so. In order to get rid of such challenges try to keep a form that auto-fill certain information itself and remaining information like contact details and company details get filled by a consumer, so by incorporating such forms, consumers don’t feel like to abandon the form and actually submit it that helps your business to know more about the lead and enhances data quality.


Maintain CRM Sync: CRM synchronization is crucial to your business. Keep your business free from CRM Sync failures that result in overall business performance slowdown. Often due to the fail in synchronization between the sales and marketing process hampers the data quality and its implications can be costly. If a new lead fails to sync, the lead will remain in the marketing cycle and will not show up in the sales cycle. So it is essential to your business to maintain a perfect CRM sync that will not let existing leads to be lost.


De-Duplicate Records: Duplicate records often consist of duplicate email addresses or phone numbers. Duplication of records mostly happens when you or others enter records manually or import records in bulk. Often it’s a challenging task to keep your records free from duplicates and the chances of duplicate entries are inevitable especially if you are dealing with a massive volume of data. In such cases, you should have a tool that helps you and your team members to de-duplicate records or merge duplicate records. To overcome these issues you can implement a powerful and intuitive CRM that helps you in detecting duplicate records and at the same time merging those records so no discrepancies come later.


Hence to improve the data quality of your business you have to become proactive and drive awareness for the same among your team members. Implementing data quality improvement strategies into your business will help your business to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of better sales and enhanced revenue. Always keep in mind your business data quality is not an accident, it takes time and needs a thoughtful approach.