Warm Up Your Cold Leads in 4 Simple Steps


No matter how hard you tried converting the lead, all your sales and reach-out efforts go in vain when the interest of your prospect has gone lost. By lost we genuinely do not mean LOST but maybe got on-hold for a specific period of time. Your emails and calls have remained unanswered and it happens to the best of salespeople. Cold leads are the goldmine of your sales funnel and prospects that went silent for no reasons should be your foremost target every now and then. Here, we can help you to revive your cold leads by keeping a few strategies in mind.

Warm Up Your Cold Leads

Differentiate cold leads from hot leads

As a salesperson, it’s important to segment your hot/warm/cold leads in order to strategize your action plan. This will divide your workflow from the most interested leads to the little interested one. We are not saying that cold leads are dead but who knows at which stage they would generate revenue for you. However, you can focus the attention and energy on those hot leads that might help you to win the sales rockstar award of the month. In the wake of isolating your cold leads from those that are dynamic, recognize where you last associated with them and reconnect with the right and important methodology. Most importantly, do not neglect them completely and maintain a healthy relationship as the future prospect by sharing new releases, company greetings and once-in-a-while phone call.  

Message that stands out

As noticed, it is vital to understand the current as well as the future requirement of your leads. Not having the option to do so would simply cause your selling initiatives totally neglected. Review the reasons as to why the cold lead went silent. A decent suggestion is to do your homework pretty well and gather sufficient information related to prospects’ organization, department and follow their social media channels. With such exercises, you are all set to frame a nice personalized message that would be worth-a-read by your potential customer. Hang on, this is just the 50% of your work got accomplished as the remaining task would be the ability to convey the information about his/her requirement via call or F2F meet.  Winning note- reconnecting with your cold leads through informative & well-researched content will enable your messages to emerge above the noise.

Revise your re-engaging strategy

Without weapons & swords in place, it is recommended to never jump into the battle. Similarly, to re-target your cold leads, be prepared with all the accessible tools and details that assist you in closing them faster. Discover the reason of losing their interest, identify where you last connected and get acquainted with the used approach. With the fresh start, do not repeat all those previous mistakes and get them on-board with the correct and relevant approach. Regardless of whether the prospect went disinterested or the lines of communication took the wrong route, it is always sensible to re-build your sales funnel with cold leads and turn the table around.

Connect over call or text

Over time and time, mobiles have become an integral part of our lifestyle and it is impossible to detach oneself from the usage of Internet. Recharge your sales pipeline and directly reach out to your prospects. You have the contact details of your once lost cold leads and when most of the people are spending most of their time on mobiles, it would be nice re-engage with those silos over text or call. You won’t believe, even attorneys are using SMS marketing.  So, make the perfect use of this cutting-edge technology to initiate a sales conversation in a casual, meaningful and more personal way this time.

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