5 Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy From You?


Out of 100 reasons, people only purchase for one reason and that sales reps don’t have the foggiest idea what that is, yet do you realize why your sales are not hitting the jackpot, or why companies are not buying your solution/services? There are zillions of reasons why people stopped purchasing from you. Before getting involved in negotiation cycle, customers have a basic requirement that they look for. In case, you are not building the brand value, or incapable of delivering the quality, there is a higher probability that customers don’t buy from you. In addition to cost-effective pricing, salespeople should focus on discussing the benefits of adopting the product and provide good brand value.

Why Customers Don’t Buy From You

Here are nevertheless a few reasons people will stop purchasing from you.

1. Absence of Time

This is a reason people probably won’t come back to you. You need to tackle this time issue with your customer to get your service, product and your organization back on the motivation. They need time to get back to you, to email you, to react to your content and to set aside a few minutes for another introduction. Search for new approaches to understand the absence of time issue and resolve concerns why customers don’t buy from you.

To tackle the time issue, implement a few suggestions:

  • Create a free trial account of your interested prospect on your own so that the lead can directly log-in to your product and see what new you are offering.  
  • Be assured that people can go “back” when they need to. By offering such a provision, you respect other’s time and not making it a puzzle game wherein they will feel trapped.
  • It would be wiser to be little blunt while asking addressing the time issue, “I realize you’re occupied and how busy you get, would I be able to take care of your time issue?”

2. Get A Better Price Point

It’s normal for clients to choose not to buy something from you basically on the grounds that they found same service/product in a lower cost from somewhere else. In case you’re not Walmart or a comparatively measured retailer, dropping your costs and fighting against limits from your rivals is one of the most exceedingly awful things you can do.

Rather, attract leads in regard to the advantages of your product over competitors – Your handhold support, excellent customer service, 24/7 chat/email support are few significant differentiators that can’t be duplicated effectively. It enables you to persuade prospects to go for higher price + superior services + comfort over low cost + frightful encounter.

3. Cash-Flow

This is a noteworthy worry for each business. Income has nothing to do with your value, product or brand. It’s their concern that you acquire. He is stressed over the income of the business affecting the business. You bring down the cost and including worth does not understand the income concern.

Quit taking on a similar mindset as a sales rep and consider you as an agent. The genuine expert sales rep will flush out that income is the issue and resolve the issues in innovative ways. You can just ask, “Is this an income issue? You mean if the income issue wasn’t there, you would do this at this moment?” Offer accepted overpayment brings the deal to fulfillment.

4. Ready to Manage Without

Most people believe that they can survive without your solution. They have concluded that they don’t require at the present time. Why? They are profiting and they don’t feel like they have to purchase what you are selling. Until you create such circumstances wherein your customer wants your product so awful that he can’t survive without it, he has to purchase.

You need to set up what the genuine issue is, highlighting the pain points that make them feel they need to accomplish something now. You must locate that out. Until you find that thing that causes them to acknowledge they can’t continue without this, you won’t make the deal. If they replied to your email once, they will most likely become your customer. Do follow up regularly. They showed interest in your product and changed the purchase decision within minutes, realizing maybe we don’t require it right away. But you should not lose the momentum and keep on reminding them of the urgency of buying your product right away.

5. Negative Reputation

Perhaps, you appear as a pleasant personality to your family but you are more agile and short-tempered when it comes to reviewing your sales team. See, we all have dual personalities and that is how things get uncovered. What your company appears to you, may not what your prospects see about you online. Yes, we are talking about the ORM (online reputation management) which is the need of the hour because your prospect is 10% rely on the sales rep, but 90% on the online reputation in the form of reviews and comments. That is why customers don’t buy from you when they such reviews online. 

In such cases, improve your ORM as the first thing in the morning. Every company has one or the other concern and every company has satisfied & unsatisfied clients. Always address the grievances of your customers. If your ex-customers are writing bad reviews about your company, reply to them in the best polite manner and ask them to speak to us directly for immediate resolution. You’ll have to give genuine hard information that whatever they’ve heard isn’t valid. On the other hand, request your customer to leave good things about you and your organization so that you will encounter such reputation issues.

There are a lot more reasons customers don’t buy from you. To develop your business you should comprehend your customers and the numerous reasons they don’t purchase from you with the goal that you can fix those issues and get deals.

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