Workplace Idioms Best Suited with Salespeople


In the expanding environment around yourself, everyone is learning new things everyday. Some may learn how to make tea, while the other perhaps learning the art of diving. In the workplace, it is imperative to mark your impression with some solid and uncliche traits but it is equally essential to show your fluency and knowledge about the use of English language that could assist you in sealing a big deal, or just cut the mustard in business communication.

Here we are sharing some popular English idioms that would add pizzazz in your kitty and would always succeed you to hit the spot at the workplace, and beyond.


1. Bring to the table

It simply means to bring something useful or advantageous (years of experience, skills, talent) to your job or business activity.

Sample sentence: There is an urgent requirement of marketing specialist who can bring lots of traffic to the table.


2. Get off the ground

Once the discussion is over, it is time to implement the points that have been discussed in the meeting to start doing the upcoming job or project.

Sample sentence: Months after looking into how to boost declining sales, we were finally able to get our aggressive sales campaign off the ground.


3. On the back burner

While cooking the food, it is ordinary to put the pan on the back burner that doesn’t require immediate attention. Similarly, when a particular project or task does not call for an immediate action, it is perfectly fine to give it a pause & resume another.  

Sample Sentence: Surender decided to put hiring a designer on the back burner until he finished the monthly report.


4. Too many irons in the fire

Years back, ironing your clothes was a risky job that involved warming up irons in actual fire. Though, the meaning does not hold true value in today’s times but it is referred as taking up multiple projects that would not be feasible to complete within a time frame.  

Sample Sentence: Rohit shouldn’t have taken the responsibility of organizing HR activities as he already had too many irons in the fire.


5. Run around in circles

At times it happens when we got stuck over a particular task and keep on doing unnecessary revision without achieving any real-time result. Here, the idiom refers to doing the round of a specific work but yet to reach the final destination.

Sample sentence: We have been running around in circles to complete the project but the client keeps changing their mind about the quotation.


6. Go the extra mile

Road trips are always exciting; no matter how many miles you can cover. On the same league, this idiom means to provide an extra effort to accomplish an assigned task.

Sample sentence: We are happy to re-introduce Adam as our team lead who is always willing to go the extra mile, if required.


7. Behind the scenes

This phrase is used to describe something, usually work, that’s done or that happens away from public view.

Sample sentence: Organizing a roadshow may look easy, but do you have any idea how much hard work we’ve put in behind the scenes?


8. The eleventh hour

Metaphorically, you cannot denote eleventh hour when it comes to tell the time during the day, but you can use it to add weight to your sentence when you complete the report just at the last minute before the presentation.

Sample sentence: You cannot change the design at the eleventh hour when I am about to show it to the client.


9. By the book

Don’t worry after reading this idiom you must relive your school days but be assured we are not sending you school again. Doing something by the book means adhering to the company rules & policies while completing your day-to-day tasks.

Sample sentence: Don’t manipulate company accounts when you know Jatin will always adhere doing everything by the book.


10. Take the bull by the horns

It is challenging to control the bull from its horns when it is trying to butt you out of rage. Don’t worry, we are not letting you indulge in toro embolado (bull fighting in Spanish), but at times you become the victim of a difficult situation and as expected, you need to act bravely & decisively. That is where you are supposed to take the bull by the horns.

Sample Sentence: In the sudden short circuit, Karthik took the bull by the horns and sorted the paperwork, when everything could be messed up in fire.


11. Ahead of the curve

It is simply lagging behind your competitors and rising above the success ladder. It could also be taken as the company that performs outstanding in sales, adopting current methods into the organization, and leading a friendly environment for personnel.

Example – In order to maintain the leading CRM status, we need to stay ahead of the curve.


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