From owning a piggybank to running a successful business- learn the tricks of selling


Remember as kids when we used to relish on the simple childhood charm of owning a gullak (piggybank) and excitedly watching it get filled with coins. Collecting mere few currencies made us feel like millionaires and granted us the authority to spend it as per our wish for a change.

What was the whole point of this exercise? It wasn’t that our livelihood was thriving on it. But practicing this exercise taught us how to manage our finances with a small token amount at that age. It made us more financially aware and made us value our savings even more. Even little deposits in our possession made us more confident and aware as to how to increase the inflow and how best to invest it to achieve utmost satisfaction.

This is the very basic rule for driving a business- identifying new sources of income, where best to invest our efforts, target the right audience and maintaining steady cash flow.  

What if every Sales Manager whose ultimate aim is definitely the same as above starts strategizing it with more intelligent and readily available automated solutions?

For any business, proper management of the client database can go a long way in improving sales, ensuring client satisfaction and tracking the profitability of each client.

Accumulation of ready to use information about organizations and their Key Decision Makers a.k.a Database is the foremost and perfect starting point to capturing better leads that will feed into your sales funnel. This professional database repository can be used to accelerate lead generation, lead qualification, sales promotions and maintenance of customer relationships. By focusing on targets who share the traits of those who already know and love your offerings, you are able to increase the likelihood that your prospects will turn into good leads.

Having more data at your fingertips indefinitely puts you in a better position to succeed in a face-to-face sales meeting with a prospect.

As they say, life is a full circle think of it this way, your clients are the prized possessions that you collect in your piggy bank and automating your efforts to identify new clients will ensure steady inflow in your gullak.

Do you want your Gullak to be empty? Say NO.

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